The Day The South Rose Again

8 Mar

Completing my week of zero tourism, I passed on all of Atlanta’s many cultural landmarks in favor of lying in bed blogging and then drinking a smoothie.  The right choice?  Unsure.  But I can’t undo it now!  I’m already on an airplane headed north to Boston.  But, thanks to the magic of the internet, I’m blogging also.

At 1pm, comics, industry, friends, and people I didn’t recognize all convened at Piedmont Park.  There were snacks and shorts and the weather was a mild 55 degrees.  Perfect for kickball.  In the interest of fairness/reviving centuries-old tensions, we played North Vs. South for kickball supremacy.  The north jumped out to an early lead under the leadership of Mike Palascak, our leadoff kicker and most credible seeming sports-guy.  (Also a super comic.)  But, as has been predicted for a century and a half.  In the end, the South won a tight game.

Personally, my play at third base was consistent…and I don’t necessarily mean that in a positive way.  Also, sorry to Jeff Dwoskin for getting him out by kicking a ball at him accidentally.  He was on my team, and that was wrong of me.

Sunday before I left, I met up with my cousin Jesse who I’ve never met before.  He was really cool, and so was his girlfriend Colleen.  We had a great hangout for breakfast at Einstein’s, and I learned to love grits as long as they are filled with cheese and shrimp and little pieces of tomato.

Also, the contest finals and semifinals went great.  I met so many cool people (including Lenny Bruce’s daughter!), and I think I’m going to get the opportunity to do more comedy more places.  I can’t say enough good things about the Laughing Skull Festival or the club.  Thanks to Marshall Chiles and Steve Hofstetter for putting it together as well as the staff.

At the end, they gave me a trophy!


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