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Everything’s The Best!

17 Nov

Hey everyone! The CD I recorded in June is available for sale!

You can get it from iTunes or from Rooftop Comedy!

I worked really hard on this album, and I’m very proud of it. I’d appreciate if you gave it a listen! If you enjoy it, please leave a note saying so on the iTunes page if you have a second. If you don’t enjoy it…nevermind!

Thanks so much for your moment. Hope to hear from you all soon!



My Sincere Contempt for Ironic Mustaches

17 Nov

From Thought Catalog. About hipsters and their dumb mustaches!

Shave ’em!

Stop Mocking Me, Groupon

17 Nov

Originally run on Thought Catalog. Why Groupon needs to get off my back already.

I give up!

If You’ve Seen Me Dance, I’m Sorry

17 Nov

Another thing I wrote for Thought Catalog. It’s an apology for my dancing!

Really, I’m Sorry!

Real Men Bake

17 Nov

Another fun thing I wrote for Thought Catalog! It’s about baking, and how that legitimizes my masculinity!

I’m A Man!

Concluding Sentences From Several Hypothetical Undergraduate Term Papers

17 Nov

Another thing I wrote for Thought Catalog! It’s a lot of silly jokes!

College, right?

My Grandmother Reviews the Movie Titanic

17 Nov

Here’s a piece I wrote for about what my grandmother thinks about Titanic.

Spoiler Alert: She’s Not Impressed!