Pick Up Lines For Houses

29 Jul

If you’re trying to get with a house, here are some good pickup lines.

“Do you come with the option of a twenty-five year fixed-rate mortgage?  Because I can see myself in you.”
“Does the carpet match the drapes?”
“I’d like to take you, home.”
“What’s your sign?  I hope it’s ‘For Sale.'”
“I want to put my junk in your basement.”
“Is there a grease fire in your kitchen?  Because you’re smokin’!”
“Two-family home, huh?  You must be a du-me-plex.”
“Your floors aren’t the only thing around here with hard wood.”
“Let’s play ‘mortgage crisis’ and I’ll leave my foreclose on your floor.”
“You’ve got a big buttress and a pretty facade.”
“Damn!  Does that fire escape go all the way up?”
“You know what would look good on you?  Some new shutters, a fresh coat of paint, and me.”

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