Boss of the Road

18 Jul

Hey guys!

Long time no blog.  Ugh.  That sounds ugly.  Let’s start over.

I miss you guys.  It’s been a while.  Oof.  Too needy.  I’ll just cut to the chase.

I’m in New York right now.  Hooray!  After lunch, I’m striking out for Atlantic City, NJ.  I only know a couple of things about that city.

1. Steve Buscemi is in a tv show about it.
2. The game Monopoly is based on its streets.
3. Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about it that has been covered lots of times.

It is the third fact that interests me today.  The drive from NYC to AC is about two and a half hours.  A drive that long necessitates a lot of music.  Fortunately, I have downloaded (mostly through legal means) about eighteen versions of the song “Atlantic City.”  I have made them into a playlist, and I will listen to only that playlist on repeat from the time I depart until the time I arrive.

Some of the versions are by the original artist.  Most are covers.  They range from folk, to country, to (oof) jazz to (double oof) maybe techno.  It will surely be a car ride that tests my mettle as a human.  In addition to fact that one of the songs is actually an eight minute free-jazz version, for real, it’s a pretty bleak song to begin with.  When I arrive, I’ll write about my favorite versions, my least favorite versions, and my overall experience.

Wish me luck on my “Boss of the Road Challenge!”


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