More Kid Stories, No Problems

16 Feb

Here are some more adorable stories that happened at my school the last couple of weeks…

Letting Herself Go

I was sitting at a table of four-year-old girls who were eating their morning snack.  One girl, out of nowhere says…

Girl 1: Before your are born, you don’t exist.

So I think, that’s fine, she’s pro-choice.  But I should probably use this as a teachable moment as well so I say…

Me: That’s true.  You’re not a person out in the world, but you do grow in your mommy’s belly for a while before you come out.

You know, science.  Then this exchange happens.

Girl 1: And then your mommy gets faaaaat.
Girl 2 (whispering): My mommy is getting fat already.

Now, that girl’s mother is not pregnant.  So she’s just worried that mom has started to let herself go a little bit, which I think is pretty great.


“U” Is For…Wait.  What?

My co-teacher had asked all the kids to draw something that begins with the letter U.  One of the younger boys in the class had made a very deliberate design, but none of the teachers could figure out what it was.

Teacher: Why don’t you tell me about this picture?
Boy (with pride): It’s a uterus!
Teacher: A what?
Boy (with more pride): A uterus!
Teacher: Okay, well, what does a uterus do.
Boy: It’s where a baby grows in a mommy’s belly.
Teacher: Yep.

Glad to know my students are well aware of reproductive health issues at age 4.  Good job, kids!


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