Overheard in Preschool

2 Feb

Oh hey there!

I’ve got a snow day today, so before I start my usual snow day activities of baking a pie and shoveling (a pie into my mouth), I thought I’d share some recent cute kid stories.

Favor for a Favor
Yesterday, I was working with the three-year-olds, and I was sitting in a circle with them singing some Spanish songs.  A girl named Alana got up suddenly and shifted to a different spot in the circle.  When I asked her why she had moved, she responded…

“I am sitting next to Mark.  Mark is my favorite boy.  He is my favorite because one time he picked up my hat.”

Cute.  But hopefully she raises her standards a little bit by adulthood.

Yeah, I Get It
I was crouched down to talk about a little girl named Cecilia.  As we were chatting, she noticed that I had written on the palm of my hand.  She asked why I had writing there.

Me: It’s two words, and they’re the names of jokes I want to tell tonight at a show where I’m performing.
Her: What are they called?
Me: One is called “Baseball,” and the other is called “Robot.”
Her: So like…knock knock who’s there baseball and knock knock who’s there robot?  Yeah, I get it.

Uhhh.  She got me, guys.

As we were walking outside to play in the snow, I got to take part in this conversation, wherein I realized that the children I teach trust each other more than they trust me, like they’re in a gang, and I’m a cop.

A boy named Mo approached me with wide eyes and a quaky voice.

Mo: Uhhhh, Josh.  Goblins don’t come out in the cold do they?
Me: No, buddy.  Goblins are just from stories.  You don’t ever have to worry about seeing a goblin in real life.

Immediately, a little girl named Fiona came rushing over.

Fiona: Goblins are real and they’re coming right now!!!



Thanks for reading.  Talk to you soon!

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