Happy School Year

6 Jan

Hey Guys,

It seems like folks enjoy my preschool stories.  So here are some from the new year!

Fiona (age 4 and 3/4): Josh!  In the fall I’m going to a new school!
Me: I know.
Fiona: It’s called “Hogwarts!”


Fiona: I’m doing a Harry Potter show.  Guess who’s going to be Harry.  It’s me!  You can be Hagrid.


Zach (age 4): I’m having a bad day, Josh.
Me: Well, let’s see what we can do to turn this day around and make it good!
Ceci (age 4): Nooooooo!  If you turn it around, then all of us having good days will start having bad days!


We also taught the kids about New Year’s Resolutions.  They latched onto the idea pretty quickly.  In fact, when I asked whether any of the kids had resolutions of their own they’d like to make, one boy immediately shouted “NO TANTRUMS!!!”

Here are some other resolutions that came up:

“Dance more!”
“No yelling at people!”
“Swim more!”
“More parties with decorations!”
“Play more!”
“No pushing!”

One girl actually said: “I want to go to the gym more…because that’s where my gymnastics class is.”

It really goes to show you, that even though they’re young, you can really learn something from kids.  I learned that children have no idea what real problems are.  If you don’t know, now you know.

Later on,


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