Thanks, everyone.

24 Dec

So here’s a thing, guys.

I have a really close friend who’s training to be in the US Army Special Forces.  It seems pretty dangerous.  Like, anytime special is in front of something, it’s more intense.  Special education.  Special victims unit.  Special sauce.  and when I talked to him today, he said that he entered the training because he was willing to take on a greater personal risk given the potential for a broader global gain.  And even though I am not totally on board with everything that the US Army does, that idea really appealed to me.

People give a lot of love to the troops.  And for sure, the military has a really hard job.  And lots of people join because they sincerely want to make a difference.  But there are so many people who do equally important work with far less glory.  So, I guess what I’m saying is…support the teachers and the activists and the construction workers and the pastors and the doctors and the soup kitchen employees and the parents and the firefighters and the writers.  Basically, anyone who is trying to to right by other people.  So, thanks, guys.

Merry Christmas Eve.  I hope this baby doesn’t cry my entire flight.


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