Cute Stuff

14 Dec

Hey Everyone,

Home from Indianapolis.  Nothing much to report about my last night/flight, except at the beginning of my last show, I got introduced to Prince’s “Kiss,” and I ended up singing the chorus the whole way through accompanied by some IU football players who happened to be in the crowd.  You know…like you do.  Anyway, here are some cute stories, because sometimes people like those.

Great Balls of Cotton

Last night was my class’s holiday play.  Every year, I write and direct a little skit to be put on by 20 four-year-olds.  People seem to enjoy it.  This year, all of the kids who were at the holiday party made it onstage, which is a new record.  So that was exciting.  Normally one or two run out of line crying on the way to the stage, but not this year.  Boom!  Good job, kids!

The play was about a town where there was no snow all winter, so the local children tried to make winter happen on their own.  The students did a really good job.  The other teachers decided that it would be fun and cute for when the town finally gets snow, if they pelted the kids onstage with cotton balls.  They also thought it would be fun to surprise the students with it, so they would react more sincerely.

So we did.  But they were so excited by the cotton balls that they kind of forgot to finish the play amidst all of their “snowball” fighting.  We needed to take a second in the middle of the last song, regroup, and rally.  All in all though adorable success!

Do You Looooove Me?

A little boy, age 4, says to my co-teacher: “Krista, do you like me?”

Krista replies: “I don’t like you…I love you!”

The boy furrows his brow: “But why don’t you like me?”



One Response to “Cute Stuff”

  1. Aimee December 14, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    I know you only post these to impress me. So yes, Josh Gondelman, I will be your friend!

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