Turning a Corner

4 Dec

Hey Everyone,

I’d like to start today’s blog by extending a hearty thanks to the producers of Hot Soup! (Mark Normand, Matt Ruby, Andy Haynes, and David Cope) for having me on the show last night.  It was a lot of fun, the lineup was killer as usual, and the crowd was warm and enthusiastic.  Matt did a great job hosting.  You guys know what a good show is like.  Anyway.

It was a real watershed moment for me, this show, guys.  Normally when I go to New York, I always feel the pressure to cram my 8-10 “best” minutes of jokes into as tight a set as possible to look my best.  But last night was different.  I opened with a little riff on the room.  I didn’t stick to my set list.  I did some material that I might not do for a showcase or audition set.  And it felt great.

Tony V (one of the best working comedians anywhere) once told me that you can’t be great until you stop caring what the audience thinks, and you have the confidence to do what you want to onstage.  And I don’t feel “great” by any stretch, but I do feel like I’m developing a healthy dose of professional confidence that’s been serving me really well this year.

Anyway, I’m considering a move to NY next summer.  And last night made me feel like maybe I can hang.  So…great!

Soon I will blog with more fun things, but I have candybeans to buy and a lightbulb to replace.

Play on players,

One Response to “Turning a Corner”

  1. Sarah December 5, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    this was a real hooray!/booo! blog entry for me, joshua.

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