A Moment of Blatant Favoritism

2 Dec
Hey Everyone,

It’s the holiday season, unless you’re Muslim or Baha’ii or atheist or Scientologist or Jehovah’s Witness.  Regardless, a lot of my friends put out really good comedy albums this year, and you should probably buy them for people you know.  I will explain them to you!

1. Zach Sherwin’s MC Mr. Napkins: The Album
Zach is a very  nice Jewish boy who writes and performs hilarious rap songs.  They are amazing.  Sure, it sounds like a niche-ier Weird Al on paper.  But trust me.  It’s awesome.  He’s sharp and talented and self-aware.  He’s a rapper and comedian in equal measure, so the rhymes are as tight at the jokes.  It’s not just a sloppy collection of  limericks about boners.  Not that you would expect that.  Get it for hip hop heads or fans of fun.

2. Myq Kaplan’s Vegan Mind Meld
You probably know Myq from Last Comic Standing.  He is a person who is practically made out of jokes.  His act is smart and hilarious and uncompromising in terms of his own sense of humor and personality.  Get it for people who like to feel like they’re on the cutting edge of something really cool.

3. Shane Mauss’s Jokes to Make My Parents Proud
Shane talks about  the big issues.  Like being on mushrooms.  And drinking.  And anal sex.  And he does it with a uniquely accessible point of view.  His jokes are great, and his cadence is catchy.  The punchlines will get stuck in your head.  Get this for someone unlikely to blush at the phrase “I’m gonna get my rape on!”

4. Shawn Donovan’s Few Mourn
Shawn’s comedy is not for everyone.  But that’s what’s good about it.  From moment one, he really thins the herd of hangers on and casual listeners.  Shawn uses words to destroy things we normally think of as unassailable.  If you’d like your comedy to be more about the differences between men and women or cats and dogs, look elsewhere.  Get this for anyone who has ever been described as “disgruntled.”

5. (Unpictured) Gary Gulman’s All I Want for Hanukah is Christmas
Gary is great, and he just put out a holiday album.  He has a zillion jokes about the holidays and they’re terrific.  Also, he is probably my dad’s favorite comedian.  Get this for…my dad?   But also people who like things that are funny and nice and good.

Go buy these things!


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