27 Nov


Everything’s pretty great right now.  Like, all of it.  And given the season, I should be focusing on gratitude and appreciation.  But that’s what everyone’s doing.  So instead I will give you a list of my top ten Thanksgiving-inspired anxieties.

1. I think all this pie is really bad for my blood pressure.
2. Am I too happy to create anything artistically viable?
3. Can my fantasy football team make the playoffs?
4. Is everything going to be okay for South Korea?
5. Will my sister like her Hanukkah present?
6. Can I maintain my coveted status as “most famous person my parents know?”
7. Where’s that one sweater I like?
8. Should I move next year?
9. Is Duck Phillips going to ruin Sterling-Cooper? (Mad Men Season 2 specific)
10. Am I the world’s laziest workaholic?

But for real, things are pretty amazing.  It’s been a year of just about everyone giving me just about everything that I could want.  So thanks everyone.  If you’re reading this, it is one more joy in what is shaping up to be an exceptionally fortunate and exhilarating period of my life.  I’m a pretty lucky guy.

One Response to “Thanxieties”

  1. nana and peter December 5, 2010 at 3:45 pm #

    Dear Josh, Missed you last night. Saved you some soggy potato latkes. Nana slept over and so we got onto your blog. Happy Hanukkah, Love, Babs

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