Staying Together for Sally Draper

16 Nov

Things are getting real serious, guys.

There are some standard markers that a relationship is progressing.  Certain points that mean irreversible forward progress has been made.  Meeting the parents.  Moving in together.  Kidnapping quintuplets (sorry, I really like Raising Arizona).  What I’m trying to say here, guys, is that my girlfriend and I just bought Mad Men on DVD together.  Gulp.

So here’s the thing.  She doesn’t know this, but I’ve never watched a complete series with a girl before.  Sure, I’ve seen episodes of 3o Rock or CSI while lounging on the couch with a lady, but I’ve never set out to watch an entire series from beginning to end.  It’s kind of a commitment, right?

Because when you’re single and you decide to start in on a new show, you can watch it whenever you want.  Do half an episode before bed and finish it the next morning.  But when you’re in a relationship, you’ve got to wait until it’s convenient for both people.  And since we’re both super busy, it could be next year by the time we finish Season 1.  Plus, Season 4 won’t even be out on DVD until next summer.  And the show’s still going!  So this could go on indefinitely!  Forget “If you liked it than you should have put a ring on it.”  Try: “If you liked it, you should have bought the Arrested Development box set.”

We’re both really into the show right now, and from all accounts it stays good throughout.  It’s not like Dexter, which got kind of weak in Season 3, giving any couples who were invested in it an easy out if their relationship had jumped the shark.  Nope, guys.  We’re really in it.  We need to see what plays out between Pete and Peggy.  Does Cooper succeed in muscling Sterling out of the firm?  Can Don Draper be an adequate father to little Sally and Bobby?  So many questions!  At this point, I think they are actually doing more for our relationship than asking real questions about our actual lives.  “Do you see yourself wanting kids?”  “Eff that!  How long can Sal stay in the closet?”

Also, if things don’t end up working out between us, what then?  Do we share custody of the DVDs one disc at a time until we finish the series individually?  Will I only get to see Betty Draper every other weekend?  This is uncharted territory for me.  I’m very fake-c0ncerned here.

Anyway, I think we’re doing okay.  When we finished Disc 2 of Season 1, my girlfriend looked me in the eyes and said: “Once we’re done with this, we should do The Wire.”

That’s commitment, guys.




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