Don’t Get Cute

15 Nov

More Pre-School Stories? Okay!


Last Friday I was reading a book called Fancy Nancy to my students. It is about a little girl who wants her family to be fancier, so she makes a lot of suggestions of ways they could change. One of them is to start speaking French. I decided to ask an English/French bi-lingual student in my class if she thought that would work.

Me: Does French always sound fancy?
Her: Only when you don’t know how to speak it.


Gender is a Human Invention

So my girlfriend came to visit and read to my class, and all the kids really liked her. When she left one of the little girls told me: “When your friend leaves, I miss him.”

Wu-Tang!  Wu-Tang!

The last time I worked with another full-time male teacher, we created Wu-Tang nicknames for lots of the kids.  Some of the highlights were…

Jake-kwon the Chef
Inspecta Declan
Ghostface Charlie
Old Dirty Margaret

We also had an Eazy-Ethan.


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