Some More of the Darndest Things

8 Nov

Self Portrait with Crayon. 2010.

Working at preschool last week I got to say/hear some pretty great things.

1. Apostrophe

Standing in the bathroom waiting for the kids to finish using the bathroom, I hear this…

[Toilet flush.]
Girl, Age 3: Buh-bye, poop!

2. Leader of the Pac

I was asked by my students to make up a ghost story for them while they were eating lunch.  They have been asking for a lot of those, since Halloween just happened.  I was out of ideas.  Then it struck me.  I could just describe the video game Pac Man to them, and they would be none the wiser.  So my ghost story included these details.

“Once upon a time not long ago, where people wore pajamas and lived life slow, there was a tiny man the shape of a pizza with one slice missing.”

“There were fooooouuuur ghosts.  A red ghost, a pink ghost, an orange ghost, and a light blue ghost.”

“He went home to his wife who was distinguishable from him only by her pink bow and long eyelashes.”

3. Art Project Confidential

a. We did some fun projects this week at babyschool.  One afternoon, we made paper crowns and decorated them with patterns.  Most kids did something like Red Stripe/Blue Stripe or Square/Triangle over and over.  One girl showed me her crown, and there were little landscapes all over it.  She explained that her pattern was Beach/Garden/Beach/Garden.  Adorable.

b. The next morning we had the kids sit across from each other at tables and draw portraits of each other.  At age 3-5, artistic ability is already pretty divergent.  Some kids drew pretty reasonable likenesses of their friends.  Other kids scribbled until the paper was all black.  One little girl looked very distraught after seeing the portrait her friend made of her.

Girl: Josh, that doesn’t look like me at all!
Me: Well, honey, she was trying her best.  But we all have different skills an abilities.  Plus, your picture of her has a pink nose and no hands, so…let’s give her a little leeway.
Girl: Okay.

Blog to you soon,


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