One For Me, One For You

27 Oct

Here are some actual things I have done while teaching preschool for fun and excitement!

1. While the students were napping, I drew mustaches on several of them with face paint.  This was funny for two reasons.  The first reason is obvious.  It is hilarious to see a tiny child with a mustache.  The second reason is more difficult to anticipate but equally gratifying.  When a child wakes up from a nap with a mustache, all of his/her friends will go: “You have a mustache!”  And that child will say “No I don’t!!!”  And this will go on until you take the child to the bathroom to see his/her mustache in the mirror.  Good times, everyone!

2. Our school is in a church.  Every day, we are on the playground when the 12pm (electronic) church bells ring.  The kids know that when the chimes start, it is time to line up for lunch.  One day recently, I told the kids that they could stay until the bells finished ringing, which gave them about five more minutes to play.  After each hymn the bell chime, however, there is a pause of about ten seconds.  I convinced the kids that if they wanted to play for a little longer, they should look over at the bell tower, pump their fists, and chant: “One more song!  One more song!”  It was pretty great.

3. Every day at lunch time, the kids ask me to make them up a story.  Sometimes they give me elements they want included (“A princess!”  “A haunted house!”  “A magic frog that turns things into other things!”)  Other times they just want to hear whatever.  I always try and incorporate their suggestions while still making the stories different from one another. Usually I try to wrap them up with some sort of moral or lesson.  But here’s the constant.  Every story starts this way: “Once upon a time, not long ago, where people wore pajamas and lived life slow…”  Which, if you don’t have an extensive working knowledge of marginal hip hop songs from 25 years ago, is the beginning to the song “Children’s Story,” by Slick Rick.

One time, my boss asked a little boy to tell her a story.  He began with my typical Slick Rick quotation.  My boss asked; “Why did you say that?”  And he replied: “That’s how Teacher Josh says stories start.”

Guys, I think I’m really making a difference!


3 Responses to “One For Me, One For You”

  1. Brian Perry October 28, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    I take offense to you calling “Children’s Story” marginal.

    • gondelman November 1, 2010 at 2:52 am #

      To me, it is seminal. But I don’t want to speak for everyone.


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