Planes, Planes, and Automobiles, and Automobiles

1 Oct

So, I made it!

Here is a brief recap of my trip yesterday.  Woke up late.  Taxi.  Long wait.  Airplane.  Second airplane.  Taxi.  Hotel.  Limo.  Comedy club.  Friend’s car.  Hotel.  Phone call.  Sleep.

Wait, what?  Limo?

I know, right?  It was super ridiculous.  The folks at the club (Rooster T. Feathers) mentioned that the hotel had a limousine to take the guests to the airport and such.  I figured when they said “limousine,” they meant “Fancy Towncar With Leather Seats.”  Nope.  Real deal limo.  So when I called the club to ask how I should make my way there from the hotel, and they told me to take the limo, I thought…okay.  I asked at the front desk about getting a ride over, and they were very accommodating, and when I went down to head out, this is what was waiting:

Uhhhh, you know I'm not this fancy, right?

For ten minutes, I rode in the back of an enormous car by myself.  And I felt like a realllll dick.  Like, who does that?  I was so perplexed by the whole situation that I totally forgot to pop bottles of champagne or make it rain dollar bills when I got out of the car.  Mostly I sat in silence and thought about how ridiculous my life has become in the past six months.  And how great that is.  For those of you who do not have a lot of experience in standup comedy: This is not remotely a normal thing to happen to someone (see: me) who is not remotely famous.  Sincere question: Do you tip a limo driver more than a cab driver because the car is bigger/outlandisher?  Fortunately, I was able to give him one of my spare diamond-encrusted monocles.  That did the trick.  But now I don’t have a backup left monocle (I wear a different one for each eye, now.)

The club itself was small and cozy, and the staff was fun and friendly.  The manager told me that the room packs out at 150, which is a neat little size.  Slightly bigger than my favorite rooms in Boston, but still a real tight feel.

A nice place for comedy.

The host for the weekend (Sean Keane) is a funny dude that I’ve gotten to work with before in the Bay Area.  I really enjoyed his set, and he was gracious when I kept demanding that he call his first comedy album “Man-Faced Baby” (which is a line from his act, and a great three-word combination).  The headliner (Mark Pitta) was super nice and cool.  He has an ease and poise onstage that makes audiences comfortable right away.  Also, he has one of the best/quickest crowdwork hooks I’ve seen.  He asks the audience for band names and then immediately fires back the name of a band that would make a funny tour (i.e. The Spinners and ZZ Top).  Now is a good time to confess that I sometimes confuse “i.e. and e.g.”

My set was fun!  I was worried that between the age of the crowd and the semi-suburban location, some of my weirder/edgier stuff wasn’t going to fly, but the crowd was down for pretty much whatever I wanted to do.  I’m excited for the weekend shows!  Hooray!

Blog to you soon,


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