It’s Always a Red Eye If You’re Tired Enough

29 Aug

Hey Everyone,

I’m at the airport in Austin right now.  It’s dark outside still, but I can get Tex Mex food from the food court.  But no ice cream.  Oh well, no place is perfect.

I’m a little sleepy, since the shows didn’t end until about midnight, and then I had one more beverage (Dr. Pepper!  They had that there!) with awesome comedy friend Andy Ritchie and new comedy friend Ruby Collins.  Then I went back to the hotel and packed, and passed out.  Pretty soon after that, I woke up.  And it was time to go home!

Yesterday I had brunch with fun and great comedian Kerri Lendo at Mi Madre.  I had my second breakfast taco experience of the week.  I’m still in favor of them.  Although, a breakfast taco is mostly just a taco that you eat for breakfast.  So, with that as a guideline, I would like to work towards making Boston famous for breakfast ice cream sundaes.  It’s a long-term goal.  And I realize that breakfast tacos have eggs in them.  But doesn’t ice cream?

I sort of stalled out at the hotel for a while watching 30 Rock and talking to some friends, and when I got into gear I had enough time to stop off at Book People, a big locally owned book store, to do some browsing and pick out some gifts for some friends.  Then I went over to the Central Market cafeteria to meet up with a family that used to go to the school where I teach but has since moved to San Antonio.  I was so flattered that they drove an hour to have dinner, and they even baked me cookies.  I gave the two older girls (ages 5 and 2) the books I had bought (callback!  wait, that’s not what that’s called.) and the six of us had a really nice dinner.  Followed by gelato.  Followed by dancing to salsa music.  It was so great to see everyone, and hanging out with kids got me more mentally prepared to go back to work on Friday.  (This Friday?  Gah!)  It was such a nice and normal experience to have so far from home.  You know how that is, right?  Salsa dancing with a baby?

Back at Cap City, the last two shows were very good, making it 6 for 6 on good shows for the weekend.  Once more, I’d like to thank the staff at Cap City for being super nice and helpful and making my job so fun and easy.  I unloaded most of the t-shirts that I brought for the weekend to sell.  (Most of them were bought by staff members who get to wear them to work, which was a sweet thing.)  Hopefully they’ll have me back soon!

Now it’s just about time to board the plane.  See you later, Austin.  See you soon, Boston.  Time to finish moving stuff into my new apartment and doing real person things.



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