Good News for People Who Like Good News

23 Aug

Hey Everyone!

I’m at the airport in Atlanta on my way home to Boston.  I’ve got a tutoring client and an open mic tonight.  Then moving and doing a show at Brandeis tomorrow.  Then on Wednesday I go to Austin, for my last airplane-driven trip of the summer.  Adventure!  Excitement!

Here are some exciting things that happened on my trip:

-Several breakfasts at the Flying Biscuit.  The turkey hash plate is probably enough food to last me through the winter.  I think I need to hibernate now.

-Worked out a bunch of promising new material in front of great fun crowds.

-Met Chris Tucker of Friday and Rush Hour fame.  He was super nice.  He did a set on the late show last night, and his chest was distractingly smooth.  Maybe that was just distracting for me, as my chest is as thickly carpeted as a rainforest floor.

– I successfully napped at least once!  Usually naps make me feel like I just got out of a cramped, sweaty time machine that only takes you 35 minutes into the future.  But I nailed this one.

-Great shows with fun comics Gary Gulman, Odinaka, Andy Sandford, Trey Toler, and great hangouts with Marshall Chiles, Justin “Madd Dogg” Morgan, and Jessica Hinckle.

-A guy gave me a condom at the end of one of my sets.  He didn’t wait for me to get offstage.  Just came up and handed it to me.  Thanks for believing in me, buddy!

-Later that night, a woman came onstage to film a video message from Gary to one of his old college friends who wasn’t there.  But that lady (black) was drunk, and she first showed off a picture of her boyfriend’s (white) penis on her phone.  Let that be a cautionary tale, smartphone users.

-I got a really sweet e-mail last night from a lady who had seen the show!  So nice!

-Also, possibly the best compliment I’d ever gotten.  “My friend is going through a divorce, and you made her laugh for the first time in a month.”  That was such an encouraging thing to hear.  It was so nice of her to pass on.  It reaffirmed my policy of always passing good news along, and also reaffirmed that it is okay for me to live like a selfish baby with a driver’s license.

-Wore only one pair of pants for the entire time I was in town.  (With the exceptions of sleeping, showering, and fitnesses.)  Welcome to Successville, Population: Me!

-Fulfilled goals of writing, working out (quarter-assedly, I couldn’t even muster a half-assed effort), and finishing 30 Rock Season 2 on DVD.

-Guys!  Chris Tucker!  Seriously!  I talked to him, and he understood the words that were coming out of my mouth.  I played it cool and remembered not to mess with his radio, or do a thing that is a reference from The 5th Element.

-I’m expecting a handwritten letter from a friend in the mail this week, and I hope it comes before I leave for Texas.  Here I goooooooo.  Turn the paaaaaage.  PS. Come see me at Cap City in Austin the 25th – 28th!

Everything’s the best.  Hoping to come back to Atlanta in April for the Laughing Skull Festival.  Details to come!



One Response to “Good News for People Who Like Good News”

  1. Miranda September 9, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    I am the “soon to be divorced” friend you mentioned and I too wanted to say ” Thank you”. You’re act brought a little sunshine into my life. Thank you.

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