Can I call you Gym?

7 Aug

At the Ramada Mall of America where I’m staying this weekend, there is a little fitness center.  I went there today in an effort to not die after eating nothing but pizza for roughly two straight days.  It’s hard to eat right on the road, when I’m at a hotel all afternoon and then spend the entire evening at a comedy club that doesn’t offer any vegetables (unless you count popcorn, which I don’t…anymore).  The little hotel gym was very important this morning.  They didn’t have an elliptical machine, so I rode the stationary bike for a very brief period of time.  Namely, until my shame at how tired/sweaty I was overtook the shame of how many french fries I had eaten over the past three days.  Then I went back to my hotel room and had a Fla-vor-ice freeze pop for breakfast.  Take that, health.


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