Minnesota Nice

5 Aug

Or, as Linguo (the robot from one episode of The Simpsons) would say, “Minnesota -is- nice.”

My camera has been lodged at the bottom of my bag, but pictures will be taken.  Or, to use the active voice and put my creative writing degree to work: “I will take pictures.”

I’m staying right now with super funny comedians Mary Mack and Tim Harmston, who have been the most outrageously gracious hosts imaginable.  Mary’s house is about as cute and cozy as a house can be, and she owns it and there is a guest bedroom, which is so alien to me because I barely own an entire bed.  Well, I do, but it’s not assembled.  If my bed were a cartoon show, it would be Voltron, but before the other robots form to make Voltron.  Or Captain Planet before the kids summon Captain Planet from whatever garage he lives in when he’s not weirding out polluters with his creepy green hair.

I got to do two sets last night, both of which were awesome!  I did a set at Acme Comedy Company, which might be the best comedy club there is.  Headliner Juston McKinney (who, as a side note, is one of the very best headliners in the country and should be a household name) was very generous and let me do a guest spot on his (sold out!) show.  The set was really fun, and I would love to come back and perform here again.  Hopefully I’ll post some video soon.  In the meantime, you can check me out on the Rooftop Comedy website (www.rooftopcomedy.com).  They say some nice things about me!  I’m their Comic of the Day!  Huzzah!

Anyway, an anecdote to describe how awesome the show is.  This was a conversation I had with Juston right before he went on…

JM: This place is great.  Have you been before?
ME: Once, but just to do a short set one night.  It’s amazing.  Look at the crowd.
JM: It’s sold out.
ME: It’s Wednesday!
JM: It’s the 80’s.  (Referring to the 1980’s when people went out to comedy all the time, and Boston had something like 19 billion full-time clubs.)

Then Tim and I headed over to Grumpy’s for a late night open mic (formerly Death Comedy Jam).  It was really fun, and had a totally different, grimier vibe.  For people who know Boston open mics, it was like Sally O’Brien’s plus the Middle East.  I got to be looser, and I amped up the dirtiness a little bit to get over in a room full of comics.  The host had punched a half-full glass of beer onto the ground, and it spilled and shattered like glass and beer do.  I probably got my biggest laugh of the set by remarking how nice it was to be performing where a Jewish wedding crashed into an Irish funeral.  Everyone was swell and receptive and fun, and I would have hung out and chatted longer, but it was late, and I had had a long day of traveling and then relaxing and then working for 11 minutes.  Hopefully I’ll get to come back soon!

I’m performing tonight – Saturday night at the Joke Joint in Bloomington (www.jokejointcomedyclub.com), and there are two shows on Friday and Saturday.  I’m doing long sets, and I’m co-headlining with my friend Seaton Smith who is hilarious, so it should be a really great weekend!  So much excitement!  Lots of my Minnesota friend said they’re planning on stopping by my shows this week, which is super exciting, and I hope if you read this and are in the area, you will stop by too!

Hope I don’t eat it, everyone!


One Response to “Minnesota Nice”

  1. Funerals August 7, 2010 at 5:49 am #

    minnesota is definately nice. I’ve been there on a holiday!

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