Keys to the City

24 Jul

Hey Everyone,

I’m at home in Boston!  Hooray!  I’m enjoying all of the Boston-y things I like to do, like laundry and eating vegetables and seeing my roommates and the Family Show at Improv Boston.  I have been doing a lot of writing and looking at apartments for the fall and tutoring.  Things are good and busy, but also good.

That last paragraph is why I don’t update much when I’m at home.  Verrrrrry boring.  But here are some non-boring things!

Yesterday, I dropped my keys down the sewer!  It was pretty horrible.  I was not able to recover them, despite calling the City of Boston (not their jurisdiction) and talking to the folks at Staples within whose parking lot the sewer stood.  Additionally, I made a keychain fishing line with a very strong magnet and a length of twine.  I spent fifteen or so minutes key fishing while people looked at me as if I were totally psychotic.  To no avail.   I did manage to catch a few screws and some unidentifiable filth.  So that was pretty traumatic, in a wildly irrelevant way.  What made it worse, though, is that everyone I told about my problem said the same thing: “Oh, man, I’m constantly terrified of that all the time!”  Well, thank you everyone for the reassurance that I am living your personal nightmare.  That makes my predicament feel even more isolating and unpleasant.  Fortunately, my sister (who is a hero) brought me an extra set of keys today, so I’m back on top of the world.  Or at least, back inside my car, house, and workplace.  Hooray!  Happy ending-ed!

Also, last night I got to see Marc Maron perform at the Great Scott in Allston (within a tantalizing distance to the Allston Staples and my then-inaccessable car).  The show was great from beginning to end.  It was hosted by Great Scott mainstay and great dude Rob Crean.  Sean Sullivan did a really funny set also.  He opened with my favorite joke (it’s about a flaming skull tattoo!) which made me laugh a lot.

Maron was really terrific to see live.  I’ve heard his albums and listen to his podcast (WTF with Marc Maron) regularly, but I’d never seen him perform in person.  It was really fascinating and hilarious.  He performed for almost an hour and a half, and it flew by.  He is such an expert at expressing the emotional core of a situation in such a succinct and funny way.  I think lots of comics have great jokes, but so few people convey a state of mind or an uncomfortable personal truth with as much clarity and honesty.  So…great!

Some other news!

1. Tonight I’m performing at West End Johnnie’s (Formerly “Johnnie’s on the Side”) on Portland Street in Boston.  The show starts at 7:30, and I am performing with headliner Colin Kane.

2. Tomorrow I get to see minor league baseball in actual Portland (Maine), and then perform at the Maine Comedy Connection at 8:30!

3. Please vote for Myq Kaplan on Last Comic Standing.  The show airs Monday nights at 9pm on NBC.  He’s a super comic and great dude.

More to come!



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