We Are Comic

15 Jul

We made it, guys!  We made it to Asheville!

Yesterday morning we left the hotel in Philadelphia and made a pit stop so Ahmed could grab a breakfast cheese steak from Pat’s, a 24-hour cheese steak emporium.  Now, I will pause briefly to mention that there is no such thing as a breakfast cheese steak.  Ahmed just ate whatever a regular cheese steak is at breakfast time.  I tipped my hat to him, as such an act may have actually caused my stomach to burrow out of my body through the front like the alien from the “Alien” movies.

Then it was southward!  We had a great and easy drive without many stops.  We fueled up and ate at Waffle House (yes! it had been too long since Waffle House for me!) and motored on towards Asheville in order to catch an 8pm screening of Jordan Brady’s documentary “I Am Comic.”

We made it just in time, and the movie was really, really good.  It gave sort of a survey course on what it’s like to be a comedian, and there was an arc of an older comic returning to the stage after a 12-year period away.  The caliber of comedian they managed to interview (Louis CK, Phyllis Diller, etc.) was tremendous, and it was really entertaining.  From now on, whenever anyone asks me questions about comedy (Do you write your own material?  What’s it like to bomb?  Do you ever get heckled?) I just want to refer them to “I Am Comic.”  I think it gives a lot of insight into the psyche of the comedian.  Although it does give a little too much credence to the “sad clown” school of thought.  Not all comics are damaged goods.  Some of us are very well-adjusted.  For real!

Erin, Ahmed, and I enjoyed dinner at the New French Bar with festival founder Greg Brown and super funny comic Joe Zimmerman (Beards of Comedy).  There was another guy there who was also very nice, but his name escapes me, so I hope he doesn’t stumble across this blog.  Chances are, he will not.

My show is tonight, guys!

Josh Gondelman and Friends at the Diana Wortham Theater (8pm)

I’m headlining, and the whole show will be wonderful!  Please come if you’re around!

Also, Rooftop Comedy linked to one of my clips from their front page! (www.rooftopcomedy.com)

And the Two Man Canoe Episode 3 is online!  (Erin Judge is our special guest this canoe.) (www.twomancanoe.wordpress.com)




One Response to “We Are Comic”

  1. sarahmittens July 15, 2010 at 1:24 pm #

    You two are awesome & I hope you’re having a blast! I love the idea of you trying to talk Ahmed out of a breakfast cheesesteak (I grew up 15 minutes from Philly & there is such a thing I’ve had cold cheesesteaks for breakfast as a child). Have fun & I will miss both of you. No one’s going to call me Sarah Heegan while Ahmed is gone!

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