Off-Roading It

13 Jul

Hey everyone!

Long time no blog.  Ugh.  That doesn’t have any sort of ring to it.  How about…It’s been a long time.  Shouldn’t have left you.  Without a dope blog to step to.  Better?  Let’s just get into it.

I didn’t say much about my trip to Los Angeles, but I did get to perform at the Hollywood Improv twice, which was really cool and exciting.  I was on a show with Bill Burr and Craig Robinson, which was awesome.  I really admire Bill Burr’s way of taking a topic that seems indefensible and then defensing it until it’s hilarious.  I also got to hang out with friends Brian Moote, Jeff Dye, Zach Sherwin, and Rob Turbovsky.  Plus, I made twenty-one dollars.  Shaboom.  That’s Awesome for Showbusiness.

The last week I’ve been home in Boston (or, as nobody calls it, Boss-town).  It’s been really awesome.  I’ve been able to talk to my roommates and look at apartments for next year and do laundry and go to the gym.  It’s ben great to do real person stuff instead of nomad stuff like taking the comforter off of a hotel bed because it’s gross or eating soda for breakfast.

Breakfast on the road. I think that's what "Turn the Page" is about.

I’ve also been writing on a pretty strict regimen.  Ten monologue jokes per day on weekdays and then ten jokes for me to tell onstage.  Plus an hour doing at least one other creative thing.  My big projects are writing a musical (working title: “Jesus Comes to Omaha”) and of course the Two Man Canoe: With Josh and Dan (episode three up now at  I’m hoping to use this summer to do a lot of focused creative work before I’m back at preschool this fall.

This week I’m off to Asheville, NC for the Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival!  I’m headlining the 8pm show on Thursday.  It’s called, (pretty accurately), Josh Gondelman and Friends.  The minor in accuracy is that some of the performers are not my friends yet.  But I’ll get them.  Believe you me.

See me! And Friends! (But right here, just me and different friends.)

If you’re around there or have friends there, check out the festival’s website.

Tonight, though, I’ll be in Philadelphia doing a spot on the open mic at Helium, which is a great club from what I hear.  It has a great name for sure.  While I’m in Philly, I hope to enjoy a cheesesteak, a freedom, and a 76er, whatever that is.

See you soon!

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