Game on!

30 Jun

Hey Everyone,

Tonight I’m performing at the Punchline in San Francisco.  It’s going to be great.  I feel really youthful tonight, mostly because I sat in the middle seat on a long car ride today.  Also, I avoided ironing by steaming my clothes in the bathroom while I showered…and then putting them on when they were still wrinkly.

Yesterday and today were spent at Lake Tahoe with Sarah’s family.  It’s beautiful there except on the inside of the casinos, which are like what I imagine the inside of the casino patrons’ lungs to look like, except instead of emphysema, there’s a Hard Rock Cafe.  But seriously, the landscape is amazing.  Proof?  Sure!

I know that I’m billing this as a comedy blog, and I haven’t done a set in a week, which makes me antsy, but I promise, stuff about comedy is coming soon.  For real.


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