C’mon Ride The Train…Not the Bus

28 Jun

Good morning (remember I’m in California),

California has continued to be fun and busy!  Yesterday was dominated by two events.  Let’s talk about them in chronological order (that means the order that Chronos, father of Zeus, decreed).

First off, Sarah, her family, and I went to the Red Sox game.  Which, for some reason, people around here kept calling the Giants game.  What gives?  We headed over to AT&T Park, where during the off-season they have underground cell phone fights, I think is why they call it that.  I feel like corporate sponsors should do more for the public.  Like, since AT&T has their name on the baseball stadium, I should get cellphone service in my living room.  Okay, maybe those aren’t really connected.  Either way that park was very nice and very large, and it made me think that Fenway is kind of tiny, but I’m terrified of what they will name a new stadium.  I hope it’s something cool like Robocop Futurefield.  Fingers crossed.

Can you see the game now? How about now?

We got to see Jon Lester (the Red Sox’x (I think that’s how you punctuate that, and boom, nesting parentheses) best pitcher) go up against the Giants’ ace Tim Lincecum.  It’s weird to say that about baseball pitchers since they’re usually not on the field at the same time.  Even in the national league where they pitch to each other two or three times a game.  And in those instances, the pitcher pitching usually beats the pitcher hitting.  Too much baseball talk?  Understood.

The game was really fun, and the Sox won, which was a boost to our enjoyment of the experience.  Also, they have Garlic Fries at this park because garlic grows in Gilroy, California.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s slightly regional food.  It gives me the excuse to eat horrible things under the guise of culture.  The greatest trick my brain ever pulled was convincing my body to eat Buttermilk Pie in Arkansas last year, simply because it was a pie I had never heard of.

Then I helped Sarah pick out supplies for a pasta salad that I wouldn’t be around to eat and took the bus to the Punchline Comedy Club to meet up with hilarious rapper and great friend MC Mr. Napkins (Zach Sherwin).  Riding the bus is great because there are no maps or anything once you get on.  They just assume you know what you’re doing.  Not like on trains, which apparently are for rookies what with their diagrams and announcement of stops.  An elderly Asian lady was my guide, and I am forever in her debt.  Mostly because I had to borrow exact change from her and will never see her again.

The Punchline is a great room for comedy.  All the seats are good, and the sound is great, and the management is friendly and helpful.  (Pictures forthcoming tomorrow or Wednesday.)  The Sunday night show has the mystical quality that comics sort of show up and wait for their name to get called.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s like Fight Club, that you just have to keep showing up until they let you in.  Which is certainly the least well-known aspect of the movie and book Fight Club, so maybe I could have picked a better analogy.  The show was really fun to watch, and I’m performing there on Tuesday, and I’m very excited about it.  If you’re around and the show is not yet sold out (which I’m told it will be) then you should come!

I'm what's crackin'!

Adventure!  Excitement!



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