The Nebwrapup From Nebraska

21 Jun

Here are some things that happened over my last couple of days in Nebraska.


-Met Ed Asner.  Resisted the urge to tell him how sorry I was about his house floating away.

-Saw a bunch of Johnny Carson memorabilia, including several racist cartoons from newspapers.

-Did a great set in front of a big theater crowd.

-Stayed up until 4 am with friends, watching them drink beer and doing impressions.

-Saw a zillion great comedy sets.

-Told a seventeen year old girl that she was gross.  Like, legally gross.  Then said she was probably very lovely on the inside of her.  Then clarified that I meant her heart and personality.  Then tried to dig myself out of the whole that I dug, that her father was probably going to bury me in.

-Went several days without seeing a vegetable.

-Took pictures in front of Johnny Carson’s boyhood home and on a replica of the Tonight Show desk.

-Cheered for Joe Wong as he took first place in the Great American Comedy Festival.

-Received the generous gift of a “What Would Jesus Do??” pen.  Then avoided getting a ride to the airport from the man who gave me that pen.  Not very Jesus-y of me.

-Had a second awesome week of Comedy Fantasy Camp.

Here are some pictures!

Johnny Carson Boulevard

Ed Asner and Eddie Brill

Me with Wendy Liebman

Me and Cy at Johnny Carson's Boyhood Home!

Mike and Cy at the Carson Home

Me and Mike at the Same Place as the Other Ones


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