Showtime! (And also, boo Lakers. Even the Showtime Lakers.)

18 Jun

Hey Folks!  (Pronounced “Forks” in this town.)

Yesterday was my first full day in Nebraska, and a full day it was.  I got up early to blog (by accident), and then enjoyed the fruits of the continental breakfast at the hotel.  Actually, the fruits didn’t look great, but I enjoyed the bagels and bacon strips and yogurts of the continental breakfast.  Then I did several sit ups and several fewer push ups in an effort to stave off my body’s impending mutiny against my diet.  It worked so far.  I hear there is a fitness center here, which I will make use of, or at the very least, make up a really good excuse for not using, today.

I did a lot of writing yesterday, too.  Hopefully it will be the summer of writing.  Jokes and stories and scripts.  I’m excited to do more things of that nature.  PS. I’m boring.

Went over to The Granary, a highly recommended restaurant down the street.  I was very excited to have a bbq pork sandwich, but they weren’t going to be ready for several more hours.  So instead I got chili and salad.  They had Dr. Pepper, though, which was a big league victory for my mouth.  I sat with Joe Wong and Aparna Nancherla and wrote jokes, and then we left.  On the way out, we noticed that there were several wood-carved toys.  As Joe was investigating buying one for his son, it sort of snapped shut and pinched his finger.  So that was the end of that idea.  Plus, they had hand-carved canes for sale.  Sweet!

Cane, you hear me now?

Then back to the hotel for some goofing off and relaxing.  Then, soon after that, it was time for dinner with my host family, my comedy brother from another mother Pat, and Pat’s real family, in from Chicago.  What’s that, back to The Granary?  Looks like this guy is getting his pulled pork sandwich after all.  Boom!

The shows last night were amazing.  The contest show at the Johnny Carson Theater was great.  The bottom section was very full, and every comic killed.  Kermet Apio did an awesome job hosting, and everyone had great sets.  It was so great to watch eleven really strong comics go up and do their thing in front of an awesome crowd.  Wendy Liebman, of whom I have always been a big fan, closed out the show.  It was very encouraging and got me really geared up for tonight.

I hope I get called over to the desk!

After that, Cy, Brian Moote, Kermet, and I went to the hotel and watched some basketball.  Things were looking pretty good when we left the hotel to go to Divot’s.  They even agreed to push the start time of the show until later to accommodate the sports.  Rephrase, Andy Pitz, the host dragged his feet on starting, much to the delight of the other comics.  Unfortunately, the Lakers won.  It was pretty crushing.  Hopefully the US soccer team (right now down 2-1) can come back and avenge my sports misery.

In any case, we went over to Divots for the “adult” late show.  After the crushing Celtics loss, we walked down the hall to do comedy.  Joe and Aparna got the show going really nicely.  Then the comics hit on what the crowd seemed to want…the dirty stuff.  It was really fun to see the comics who had come to do “TV clean” sets in a theater get loose and gross.  And it was fun to do.  The crowd was super responsive and attentive, and everyone once again had great sets.  I’m really excited heading into my show at the Johnny Carson Theater tonight.

Hooray, Nebraska!


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