Neither Spoon, Norfolk.

16 Jun

Here I am, everyone.  Nebraska.

I’m here for the Great American Comedy Festival, which runs from tonight until Sunday.  I’m really excited to perform in Johnny Carson’s hometown in a theater named after him.  Plus, some old and new friends will be here, so fun times ahead!

It took a plane, and then another plane, and then a Ford Flex, but I have arrived in Norfolk (Pronounced “Nor-Fork,” no really, it is) Nebraska.  I think it was named by the same folks who did “Worcester.”  My flights were pretty good.  I listened to podcasts (specifically this week’s “In The Tank with Jon Fisch”) and read (specifically “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men” by David Foster Wallace, voted by me to be the most likely book to make you debilitatingly lonely when read on the road).  We had to take an extra-long drive from the Omaha airport into town on account of flooding, but it was a nice chance to talk to fellow festival comics Pat McGann and Tommy Ryman as well as Bob, the Norfolk resident who drove us from the airport, very generously.  Because of Bob, the car ride was maybe the folksiest two hours of my life.  I felt like I needed to go out and farm or fight in the military or drive a bus.

Some Bob Wisdom:

“When the corn’s knee-high by the 4th of July, they say it’ll be a good crop.”

“You boys know why there’s more horses asses in the world than horses faces?  There’s more people.”

“Nebraska’s mostly flat out in the western part.”

Bob was super cool and nice and funny and told lots of great stories.  He served in Korea and has not been able to eat rice for the last 55 years because of it.  He also drives a bus professionally, and once failed to retire because it made him too bored.

Now I’m at the hotel, and I’m meeting my Norfolk host family soon.  (I don’t stay with them, but they drive me to the show.)  I’ve been eating candy and granola bars all day, but hopefully I’ll put that all behind me and get a little nap on in the mean time.  More blogs soon, with photos!



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