Top of the Room

13 Jun

Good morning or whenever you read this!

I’m updating a little later than usual today because I tricked my body into not waking up until 8 o’clock.  That’s the good news (or at least the good sleep-related news).  The other side of that news is that I went to bed super late.  Tonight is technically the closing party for the festival, but I’m flying home this afternoon with Lamont and Kelly.  It’s been an amazing weekend, but I’m ready to get back to my house and friends and family and girlfriend.  Maybe everyone from here can come with me, though?  No?  Awww.  It’s like the last day of summer camp.

Yesterday was full of more fun and excitement.  Myq and I walked all around Aspen.  It took about 25 minutes.  We saw fancy stores and mountains and lots of benches with inscriptions.  Many of the benches were in honor of Hunter S. Thompson, who wrote “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” a book I have never read but can relate to on account of my two predominant feelings whenever I am in Las Vegas.  Also, I forgot to mention that on Friday during the kickball game we saw a bench commemorating the premature death of a guy nicknamed “The Chipster.”  The epitaph read “What’s up, bro?”  Which, I hope he requested that, because otherwise his commemorators made him look like a real goofball.  At least if he asked for it, he’s in control of his own goofy destiny beyond the grave.

Advice from a bench!

After that, the morning consisted of various sitting arounds and food-gettings with some other comics.  I got to meet and eat with Marc Maron, who is really funny and engaging and intense in person (like he is while doing comedy and podcasts).  He told some good old-school stories about comedy in Boston and did some startlingly accurate physical impressions of Robin Williams, Louis CK, and Brian Regan.

I went to two very helpful and inspirational panels.  One about online comedy, and the other about making a television program.  Then we went to the live WTF Podcast taping.  What was interesting about that podcast was that first of all, Marc (who hosts the podcast) spent the 25 minutes before the show started quietly talking into the microphone in an effort to convince everyone to come closer to the stage.  It was the only pre-show crowdwork I have ever seen a comedian do for that long.  Then the show happened and it was great.  Ryan Singer, Chris Fairbanks, Hannibal Burress, Shane Mauss, and Michael Ian Black were all super funny guests.

Podcast broadcast.

Then I met up with childhood (and adulthood) friend James and his girlfriend Briana.  We had Mexican food and drinks, which was awesome, because we had not seen each other in quite some time!  Then we went over to watch the shows, which were great.

I hosted the late show, and it was a lot of fun.  I tried to be a little more host-y (as opposed to just doing time up top and bringing up the comic immediately one after another, which led to me saying things like these:

-Your last comic and I are very different.  But we both hate motherfuckin’ racism!

-Your next comic…his biggest accomplishment is about to be digging out of this hole I dug for him.

-Your headliner for the evening is a great comic and a great dude.  We hung out in a hot tub yesterday.  Not in a gay way.  There were like six dudes.  So it was just a party.

Generally, when a comic does a bit that kills with other comics but leaves the audience cold, they call it killing with the back of the room.  But at the Wheeler Opera House, comics sit in the balcony.  So I had a couple of jokes that killed with the top of the room, which was new and fun.

After the show, as R. Kelly would dictate, was the after party.  It was great.  Then it went to the hotel lobby (also in accordance with Kellian philosophy).  Then, interestingly enough, we were asked to clear the lobby.  R. Kelly is a prophet!  Then it was time for sleep.  Hopefully I see a few people before I leave today.  It’s been great!  Thanks to everyone!  Hope to see you all soon!


Also, it was raining all day, which was a bummer, but everything’s still the best.

One Response to “Top of the Room”

  1. Sara June 15, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    I chuckled after reading the “chipster” bench note 🙂 Josh – Rooftop loves you!!! The blog entries are GREAT!!!

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