When it’s hot tub time, I’m a machine.

12 Jun


Still in Aspen, and once again up before 7:00 am.  I’ve been waking up at 6:30 just raring to do, so I blog and drink water to combat boredom and altitude.  I may not be sleeping a lot, but at least I am well-hydrated.  So that counts for something, I think.

Yesterday was full of fun/leisure.  It started with a wander around the downtown area, where I played wingman to a comedian friend who shall remain nameless.  I am not a good wing man, but he scored a lunch date with a nice young lady, so maybe I’m not as bad at winging as I thought I was being.  To be fair, he locked down the date when I took a phone call.  So…draw your own conclusions.

Then it was off to The Big Wrap for lunch with the Boston contingent.  They specialize in wraps and burritos, and also in puns.  They have a pesto wrap called “Pesto Wrapture” and a bbq wrap called “Babs-a-Cue” and a Thai wrap called “To Thai For.”  So guys, the comedy in Aspen is not limited to the stage.  It is also available on burrito store menus year round.  Weirdly, the more traditional burrito is just called “The Mexican.”  That’s not funny at all, unless it is named after the movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  In that case, it would be the funniest sandwich of all time.  And possibly the one with the least timely name.

Then we walked over to the kickball game, which had already turned into volleyball on account of punctured kickball.  I didn’t bring athletic shoes, so I abstained from competition, even when Whiffle Ball broke out.  I also abstained from afternoon drinking on account of the altitude and I don’t really like beer.  But nobody held it against me.  So that was a nice hangout.

Then back to the hotel for a stint in the hot tub with Myq (newly arrived!), Shane, Pete Lee (super nice dude that I’m doing a show with tonight), Cy, Zach, and Shane.  There were lots of Hot Tub Time Machine jokes made.  Well, just one joke, but a lot of times.  Here has been the extent of the stress I’ve dealt with in Aspen.

Shane: I wanted to see if the jets on that side of the hot tub were a different height than the ones on this side.  And they are, but it’s harder to have a conversation with everyone even though the jets are at a better height.

Me: Life here is hard.

Then the pre-party with hummus and fancy meats.  Then on to the Wheeler Opera House for shows.  Highlights were the whole thing, but I especially enjoyed Chris Fairbanks, who I’d never seen before in person.  He has a really unique cadence and joke style that was silly and smart and great.

Also, the folks with Boston ties represented really strong.  Lamont kicked off the Witsteam Live show with a really strong set.  Zach Sherwin did a really energetic set of hilarious rap songs, and everyone else crossed their fingers that he would not pass out.  He did not!  Then Myq Kaplan closed out the late show with a bunch of great older material and also great newer material.

Zach Sherwin: "WHERE BROOKLYN AT? It's in New York."

There were lots of other people I liked a lot, and I will mention them later!

So everyone from Boston has killed it so far, and Shane ripping it tonight is inevitable, so it’s going to be up to me to bring it home with success and hilarity on the late show.  (Of course, I’m the only one who’s counting on me to do that.  I don’t think anyone else is really putting the heat on.)

Everyone continues to be nice and cool and there’s lots of stuff to do today.  Talk to you soon, blogpeople!



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