Welcome to Fancytown

11 Jun

Hey everyone!

I’m in Aspen, Colorado, a place that is very fancy!  I’m here as part of the Rooftop Aspen Comedy Festival.  Everything is great!

Here is the story of how I got here, and what’s happened so far…

Yesterday morning, excellent Boston comedian Lamont Price and I got a ride from our neighborhood of Allston to the airport.  Allston is where college students and recent graduates live because student loans are expensive.  There is a karaoke bar with private rooms and lots of international food, but otherwise, it is not very fancy at all.  No rich people live in Allston, to my knowledge.

Allston Rock City!

At Logan Airport, my new business cards triggered security.  Maybe because they list a website that doesn’t yet exist.  Either way, the TSA lady was courteous and didn’t ask to look in my butt, so already the day is great!  We flew to Denver, an airport that I hear is a hot spot of disappearances and masonic activity.  But we didn’t see anyone disappear.  And we also didn’t see any masonry.  Not even carpentry.  Or drywall.

The short flight to Aspen was not as bumpy as I had heard it might be.  I sat next to a lady with Prada sunglasses and a service dog.  She didn’t mention what service the dog did for her.  I like to think: Personal shopper.  I took some pictures out the window of the mountains.  I mean, I pointed my camera out the window.  I didn’t lean out it.  That would have been sui/homo-cidal.  The pictures came out okay.  See for yourself!  Also, the airport in Aspen looks like a ski lodge.  I don’t know whether that’s on purpose.  Either way, it is hilarious.

Mountains! Airplane window grime!

I felt like John Cusack was going to walk by any minute 25 years ago.

Lamont and I checked into the hotel.  (I had a solo room last night, but tonight I’m sharing with Myq Kaplan!  Hooray!)  It’s pretty fancy.  There’s an iPod docking station.  Enough said?   No?  There are also lots of mirrors and sinks.  And the lights can be adjusted for dimness, which is a sign of prestige to me.

2 Beds.  2 Furious.

Lots of the shows are at the Wheeler Opera House.  It’s a really nice venue, and it seats about 300, I’m told.  I’ve met lots of great comics and saw other great comics that I’m already friends with.  The staff is so helpful and friendly and fun.  Everything’s the best.  Breakfast buffet soon!  Can’t beat that, can you?  Except for by showering first, which I will.

Cy Amunson killing it at the Wheeler.

Anyway, here are some other highlights of the trip so far!

-Watching Kelly MacFarland have a great set at the Wheeler.

-Hanging out with Cy Amundson (super funny comic from Minneapolis).

-Talking about Method Man with Lamont.

-Seeing Boston people who have since moved on to other places in the country. (Zach Sherwin and Shane Mauss so far!)

-Telling my “Sex Mullet” joke at La Cantina after eating green chiles.

-My buddy James from home making plans to come to my show on Saturday!

-Singing the name Billy Zane over and over again to the tune of Guns n Roses songs.

-Beat LA!

Here’s the thing that non-comedians don’t know.  Comedy is a pretty small community.  You meet people, and then you see them again all over the country, and there are lots of high fives.  Plus, Aspen feels like being on a college campus, and that anything you do can be erased by a call to the mayor made by your dad.  So all of that combined has created a really cool fun festival atmosphere.  More blogs tomorrow!




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