¡Santa Claws!

23 May

Sorry for the belatedness of this entry!  I figure, everyone who reads this, I have already spoken to on the phone about the rest of my weekend in Maine.  But, in case someone stumbles upon this blog in the hear 2099, here is what happened the rest of the time I was in Maine.

Sarah and I did a lot of good walking around.  We did some birthday present shopping in the Old Port and wandered along the Western Promenade, which sounds like a place you can only go if you are wearing a monocle and a top hat.  There were some nice flowers and enormous houses.  Some of them looked like they were built for rich people to be safe in the event of an invasion from New Hampshire and/or Canada.

Bring on the New Hampsherians!

We also walked through an old graveyard.  This tombstone commemorates the life of a veteran of the War of 1812.  Thank you Ezekiel for serving your country in the fight against…1812?  PS. I wish I knew someone named Ezekiel, so I could nickname him Eazy-E.

Here Lies Eazy-E Thurston. He knew nothing in life but to be legit.

We also decided to do the fun/touristy thing of going to a place to eat lobsters.  The lobster is the fanciest food that you can wear a bib while eating.  And the jump is enormous.  It goes strained peas…lobster.  We decided to head to Cape Elizabeth to a little lobster shack called Lobster Shack.  Which was next to a place called Candle Shack, which is a store I could only forsee becoming necessary after the apocalypse.

Important fact: Sarah was a vegetarian for several years and had never eaten lobster before last weekend.  So a) She didn’t know how to do it, and b) She found the whole process horrifying.  Her face looked like I was asking her to eat a kitten.  (Which, for the record, I would never ask her to do, unless the kitten was going to go to waste.)  As she cracked open a claw, she seemed on the verge of tears, which put me on the verge of laughs.  But we got through it together.  I was pretty desensitized to the shelling of crustaceans after my recent Crawlocaust in Louisiana, so I was able to help her through.  I think she’s stronger for it.

Then I took a picture of a light house, because for years my roommate Ben was convinced that the light houses of Southern Maine were one of the wonders of the ancient world.  (They are not.  It was the Light House at Alexandria in Egypt.)  So here’s a picture I’m posting to mock him.

Are those the hanging gardens of Babylon?

The second night at the Comedy Connection was awesome, and I can’t wait to go back!

Hooray, Maine!

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