No Mercy, No Remorse

5 Mar

It's like that Magritte painting, but with pancakes instead of a giant apple.

The Laughing Skull Lounge. I like the name, but I also like that there are no cackling skulls just floating about on fire.

We came. We photographed. We festival-ed.

So, here’s a confession, internet friends.  I loaded all my pictures from yesterday at once, thinking it would be easy.  But now I have no idea how to type above or between them.  You may say:  “Joshua, you were in Hotlanta (don’t say that, no one does) for a full day, and you took three pictures?”  Yes.  There would be four, but I couldn’t take a picture of myself napping.  So I’ll run down the day in order of  the pictures above.

Picture 1:

The Flying Biscuit.

So we’re (we meaning myself, great New York comic Mark Normand, and Comedy Studio manager Jessica Mozes) staying at the Hotel Midtown, which is very close to the Laughing Skull.  It’s also close to a famed local breakfast chain called The Flying Biscuit.  It’s like if Waffle House was classy and didn’t set fire to your insides.  We met up with some other comics and had a good time.  I got the turkey hash, which was delicious.  There were also biscuits with cranberry apple butter, which is like butter made out of fruit, so it is delicious, and I am able to pretend it was healthy.

Afterwards, Jessica went over to the Laughing Skull for check-in duties, while Mark and I hung out with Grant Lyon, a San Francisco based comic.  I had a blast hanging out with him.  After he left to buy socks (we all had to do laundry after the smokiness of Clermont), Mark and I shared the hope that he was also funny onstage.  (Spoiler alert: He is!)

Picture 2:

Laughing Skull Lounge

There’s the setup of the room!  It’s small and tight and great.  Mark and I went over there to eat burgers (right after the turkey hash?  nope.  the elapsed time is nap time), but the restaurant was crowded, and the comedy part was empty.  So we hiked over to our show for the night.  In my head, there was a swingers-esque: “This place is deaaaad anyway.”

Picture 3:

Midtown Tavern

Mark, Denver comic Rob Gleeson, and I walked the mile down the road to the Midtown Tavern for a show.  First, we stopped and ate Chinese food, which was a good choice.  Over at the Tavern, the crowd was slight, but there were some fun other comics.  Hampton Yount, from DC did a really really great set about Nascar romance novels.  I went up after him and learned exactly how long my set is with zero laughs.  Good news, the timing is perfect!  Thanks to Justin “Mad Dog” Morgan for putting me on the show!

Back at the Laughing Skull, we watched some really killer performances.  The bar for tonight is reallllly high.  I’m very excited to do my set.  (10:30 tonight if you live in Atlanta…or I guess also if you don’t).

Post-show, there was a charity poker tournament, which was a lot of fun.  Although I did insist that a fairly prominent booker from the midwest was nicknamed “No Remorse,” a nickname that I called him for the rest of the night.  So…good career move?  Or best career move?

Today we’re going to actually leave the hotel and do touristy things.  And, if I know what’s good for me, I’ll run on a treadmill for a while.

Blog to you soon,


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