Neopolitan Complex

6 Nov

Guys,  sometimes you wait all day for something, and that thing is the best part of your day.  Ahmed, Andrew, and I whiled away the morning reading, writing, and watching ESPN, knowing that the specter of gourmet cupcakes loomed in the evening.  

We went over to new friend/comic Mike’s house across the water and watched the DVR’ed presentation of the Mark Twain Award to Bill Cosby.  It was really inspiring to see legendary comics like Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, and Steven Wright venerate another comedian so much.  Also, they played a ton of classic Cosby and Cosby Show clips.  It was super funny and inspirational.  But it wasn’t cupcakes.

We then enjoyed fish and chips for an early dinner (also not cupcakes).

We went back to home base (Andrew’s house) and waited until my high school/college friend Melissa got out of work.  I should say that she is a friend I know from my time in high school and college.  She is not currently enrolled in both high school and college.  In any case, we quickly mobilized and met her at Trophy Cupcakes in a fancy shopping center called University Village.  We picked up the ‘cakes (short for cupcakes) and took them back to Melissa’s house to have with tea because we are old ladies.  

Side note: Melissa gave several profuse apologies for the “messy” nature of her apartment.  There is more clutter in the back seat of my car than there is in her entire apartment building.  

Regardless, the cupcakes were great, and the frosting had flavor and not just sugar, but still lots of sugar.  It put is in the right frame of mind for a fun car ride to the gig with our New York friends.  We arrived in Kirkland way early for the gig at Laughs Comedy Club, which is a nice little room.  I met Bil Dwyer, comedian and former host of Battlebots, and told him the creators of the show (Battlebots) hello.  I don’t know those people, but they found me on Twitter.  Hooray, internets.  Bil did the stall set while the judges tallied votes last night.  He also signed my lucky robot, Blastor!  (I don’t have an actual lucky robot.)

As for the comedy show, sometimes you wait for something all day, and then there’s not much to say about it. 

Also, I left my camera at Melissa’s.  Pictures later!



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