Unified Scene

5 Nov

What?  Only day two of blogging, and already a Hold Steady quote?  Oh, yes, readers (I mean mom and dad).  Day two.

The day started with a bang.  And by bang I mean blog.  Then Ahmed and Andrew and I (along with Andrew’s friend Jason) had an outstanding Mexican breakfast at a place called Pesos.  They have a program there known as “Breakfast Happy Hour” where all of their enormous and delicious breakfasts cost six dollars.  It is probably the most dangerous kind of happy hour for me, because I came dangerously close to a Huevos Rancheros overdose.  

From there, we moseyed on down to Pike Place Market.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  So you’ll just have to trust that we saw hand-blown glass and people throwing fish and fish that people weren’t throwing. Ahmed filled up on free samples of pears.  Then we tried to figure out which Starbucks was the original one.  The debate was resolved when we all stopped caring about 45 seconds in.  So, pretty sweet touristy trip.  Trust me.  You should have been there.

From there we went back to Andrew’s house and hung out.  I had never before benefitted from the west coast phenomenon of sports being on so early that you can watch them on weekday afternoons.  I think I could get addicted to that.  The World Series came on at 4pm.  Amazing.

Ahmed and I headed over to the Columbia City Theater, which was small but pretty lovely.  The other comics filtered in a few by a few.  It was really swell.  It was fun seeing who bonded immediately, who knew each other already, who stayed to themselves, who was “always on.”  The production staff gave us a very thorough briefing, and then we descended on a deli plate, swapped local comedy stories from our home towns, and waited for the show to start.  I think that shop talk about anything is pretty exclusive to the insiders, but I like to think that comedians have intrinsically more interesting shop talk than most industries.  But probably they don’t.  It was a great sort of pre-show camaraderie.  (And also mid-show camaraderie.)

The show itself was really long (16 comics plus a host), and I will not bore you with the details.  I did a lot of pacing and fretting, but fortunately the audience stayed loose and enthusiastic until the bitter (I mean awesome) end (me).  I felt like I did a really strong job staying myself and not caving in to exhaustion.  My set went really well.  Although I didn’t place in the top five, lots of people said nice things like “Great set!” which was nice and “You go girl!” which probably wasn’t directed at me.  Five more nights of shows!  Hooray!

After the show, we hustled across town to Laff Hole, an “alty” show at the rock club Chop Suey to see Brent Weinbach.  He is super weird an really really great live.  He does lots of audience participatey things and lots of silly voices.  His mission statement is to do things that you laugh at without knowing why.  And he totally does.  It’s like everything he says is an inside joke where you can’t remember exactly how it started, but you just  know that it’s obviously funny.  His headline-length set flew by because it was so original and compelling.  We got a ride to the show from excellent New York comedians Andy Haynes (3rd place last night, yeah!) and Mark Normand.  The Laff Hole show had a great vibe of people being out to see and enjoy something weird and late on a week night, which I wish would happen more in Boston.  

Overall, it was a great night full of meeting people and seeing good comedy.  We ended the evening at 1:30 at an IHOP, so you know it was a success.  

The one picture I took is forthcoming.


2 Responses to “Unified Scene”

  1. Kristen November 6, 2009 at 3:20 pm #

    Glad to hear you’re spanning the nation featuring some of Stoneham’s bestests’! Great job and keep it up! …oh, and “You go girl!”

    – Kristen L.

  2. myq November 6, 2009 at 5:42 pm #

    Do us proud.

    Mom or Dad

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