Back in Blog! Back. In. Blog.

4 Nov

Hello Everyone,

It’s me, Josh.  You may remember me from such blogs as this one, but several months ago.  If you don’t remember, you can read previous posts that chronicled my trip across the country and back, at which point my postings dropped precipitously to zero, as I went back to regular life, which you probably know about or don’t care about.

But now I’m back not back!  That is to say, I’m out on the road again.  This time, the road meant the sky, as I took a plane to Seattle with comedian and friend Ahmed Bharoocha for the Seattle International Comedy Competition (  We will perform in six shows this week as part of the first preliminary week.  If you are out here, you should come check one of them out.  The first show takes place tonight at 8 at the Columbia City Theater.  Huzzah!

I took an aeroplane over the land, guys!  Hipster sight gag!

I took an aeroplane over the land to get here. Hipster sight gag!

So here’s the thing.  It’s early-ish here, but I’m pretty jet-lagged.  The allure of an airplane nap proved too much for me.  I just can’t resist waking up with a stiff neck and upper back.  Now it’s 8:30 am, but it feels like almost noon.  I forgot my toothbrush in Boston, and I’ve got pita chips and chocolate covered pretzels to eat for the time being.  Plus, there’s the vague sense of failure.  Allow me to explain.  My participation in this comedy competition is only incidental.  My true reason for traveling west is that I wanted to go back so many time zones that Weezer’s new album could never be released.  Ideally, I could go back past their last three albums.  But alas, here I am on November 4th, and “Make Believe,” “Weezer (The Red Album),” and “Raditude” all exist.

So I’m here at very generous host/very excellent comic Andrew Sleighter’s house in Seattle, waiting him to get back from a radio appearance (swanky!) and for Ahmed to wake up (sleepy!) so we can tour the city.  In the interim, I will read Bill Simmons’s “The Book of Basketball.”  It is a zillion pages long, and only about half a zillion are about the Celtics, so it should be informative.  


How am I going to do in this competition? "Annythinnnnngsss possiblllllleee!!!!" Oh, right. Thanks, KG.

It’s going to be an exciting week.  Stay tuned for updates!  (And, yes, pictures.)



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