Sweet, Home (After) Chicago

4 Apr

Oh boy.

Tonight is our last show of the trip.

(The Edge Comedy Club at 10:30pm)


Yesterday was lots of fun.  We ate actual snakes in the form of sausages at Hot Doug’s (thanks Tim Messenger for the recommend).

Then we went down to the Chicago Cultural Center to check out some art, and we saw “The Bean” at Millennium Park.  It’s a crazy reflective sculpture that probably causes more avian deaths than all of the world’s hunters combined.

We met up with Boston expatriates Joe and Jen for hangouts and beverages and (surprise) cupcakes and then hit the Lincoln Lodge for our show.  The crowd was mostly very cool, but some talky folks made things kind of wacky.  The other comics in Chicago are really great and funny, and the scene here is very supportive.  Here and Austin are the closest things we’ve found to the network of Boston Comedy.  Although I don’t know if they have their own softball league here.

We had burritos with an old college friend and kicked it at a late night bar before finding a Motel 6 for crashing.  Today we may pillow fight or riverboat gamble.  The world is our oyster.  An oyster potentially made of deep dish pizza or White Castle.

See you all soon!  (Or at least the part of all of you who live in Boston.)



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