A Boy Named Sioux

2 Apr

Dear Friends/Family/Blog,

I am alive and well in Minneapolis.  Today we strike out for Chicago.  Here is why I did not blog yesterday:

On Tuesday, we found that I-90 was closed for a 120 mile stretch again.  Needing to get to Minneapolis by Wednesday night, we decided to take alternate highways and bypass the snow-covered route.  Unfortunately, other routes were equally caked with snow, and we spent several hours creeping along a treacherous road, we pulled off at a hotel at a reservation owned by the Crow Creek Sioux.

At the reservation convenience store, I was given free chicken tenders.  The clerk said: “Oh, just take these.  That way you can’t sue the cashier.”  Um…Jackpot.

Side note: The “reservations” that the government gave to the Indian tribes are pretty rough stuff, geographically.  It’s less “reservations” like you would make at a fancy restaurant and more like: “You want to live in South Dakota in the winter?  I have reservations about that.”

Main note: Last night we finally got to Minneapolis, and I got to do a spot at Acme Comedy Co. on a show headlined by Mary Mack, and it was ridiculously fun.  Every good thing anyone says about that club is true.  Mary was super gracious and very very funny.  Then Shawn and I did spots at a show called “Death Comedy Jam” at a bar called Grumpy’s.  It was also a good time.  Chris, the dude who runs it was great, and we’re supposed to swap road trip stories.

Hooray twin cities!


PS. We saw a bald eagle in Montana.

One Response to “A Boy Named Sioux”

  1. Moote April 2, 2009 at 2:17 pm #

    Of course you saw a bald eagle in Montana, that is where Freedom was born.

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