Big Dumb Sky Country

30 Mar


Snow problem.

Snow problem.

Hey Gang,


So things have been a little hectic lately.  Seattle was awesome.  Shawn got to do sets on 7 shows, and I did 8, so that was pretty terrific.  We’re off until Tuesday night when we get to perform at Acme Comedy Co. which is widely considered the best club in the country.  A million thanks to Mary Mack who is headlining this week and got us on the show.

We are a little bit behind on our travels because a snow squall in Montana made the roads a little slippery.  So between today and tomorrow, we’ve got to make up about an hour and a half of driving.  The roads were too treacherous for us to continue on last night, so we stopped in a little restaurant to regroup/find a nearby motel.  The waitress (who was very helpful) ascertained that the tiny town of Deer Lodge, MT was all booked up in terms of motel rooms, so it seemed we were out of luck.

However, pretty much every restaurant patron offered to let us share their hotel room with them, which was downright swell.  We ended up crashing with Scott and Kristin from Missoula.  They were super nice and didn’t murder us at all, and the four of us stayed up watching “To Catch a Predator” on TV until it was time to go to sleep.  

In other news, Shawn and I have been playing a lot of Ms. Pac Man lately thanks in part to the budding MPM addiction of James Patterson and David Walsh, whom we visited in Los Angeles.  We started out at a laundromat where I was doing laundry, and by the end of the weekend, we were searching out arcades and pizza parlors to get our fix.  But it’s cool.  We could totally stop any time.  Just one more game to beat our old high scores though, okay?

(Ms.) Pac Man Fever

(Ms.) Pac Man Fever



Also, ate some delicious huckleberry pie with vanilla ice cream yesterday.  We were both tempted to order “huck ala huck” (huckleberry pie with huckleberry ice cream) but it seemed like maybe too much huck.

Pie heals all wounds.

Pie heals all wounds.


We met up with old work friend Ali in Seattle to try and check out a Green Fair, but we didn’t have enough time to explore it, which was fine, because we got to ride a Monorail, which I had dreamt of for years on account of the Simpsons episode.  RIP Phil Hartman.

In closing, thanks to Alana for putting us up in Seattle, Brian Moote for getting us shows there, and all the other comics we met for putting us up.  Suck it, snow.  



P.S.  I got a haircut and we ate cupcakes.

I also ate salad again, but no pictures of that this time.

I also ate salad again, but no pictures of that this time.


One Response to “Big Dumb Sky Country”

  1. s. brin March 30, 2009 at 3:52 pm #

    Montana is amazing! I’m sorry it wasn’t so good to you. Are you anywhere near Helena? I bet Andy would love to see you.

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