Slept in in Seattle

28 Mar

Yesterday morning I was in need of sleep, and when I woke up, my connection to the internet was tenuous at best.  Thursday was a day full of excitement and such, and I will share with you some highlights:

-Seeing lots of fish at the Pike Place Market and eating strawberry/habanera jelly at said market.

-In the same vein (or digestive tract, more aptly) eating salmon-inclusive lunches to be Seattle authentic.

-Hanging out in Gasworks park, which is an abandon gas refinery or somethingery that is now a park.  

-Delicious cupcakes! (PB&J for Shawn and Guiness Chocolate Stout with Bailey’s frosting for me.)

-Excellent shows.  (Shawn ripping it at Laughs and me also ripping it at The Comedy Underground.  Now we’re totally famous like the Space Needle and Kurt Cobain.)  

-Hanging out with Boston friend Toby Brown (wink, that’s not his real last name) and Laughs headliner Danny Bevins, both of whom are A+ dudes.  

Now you’re mostly up to speed.  Kablammo!


One Response to “Slept in in Seattle”

  1. myq March 30, 2009 at 6:54 pm #

    no comments?
    not for long!

    for long!

    now for my long comment
    to continue

    danny bevins is very very funny
    thought he should have won the boston comedy festival several years ago when he came in second
    but second is not bad

    comment over

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