Fresh Like a Box of Krispy Kremes. Kenny Roger’s “Gambler” is my gamblin’ theme.

25 Mar

Mornin’ Blog,

I write to you today from Portland, Oregon.  We got in last night, had a few adventures, and then checked into a Motel 6 (cigarette burns on the comforter were visible, but not enormous).  

Yesterday mostly comprised a ten hour drive from San Francisco to Portland.  After dropping Sarah off at the airport shuttle (a major league bummer, but she has “responsibilities”) we headed north.  Lots of folks warned us about the mundaneness of taking I-5 all the way to Portland, but we found the drive pleasant.  There were some beautiful mountain passes and trees to look at.  Plus, we ate at Sonic for the first time.  Not bad.  We had a clear view of Mt. Shasta, sponsored, of course, by the cola (probably not).

Like a scoop of ice cream on the horizon, we were told.

Like a scoop of ice cream on the horizon, we were told.

We also stopped at a gas station that was adorned with several bigfoot related advertisements.  Pacific northwest, we have arrived, and we are coming for your sasquatch.

Upon arriving in Portland, we could not find the casino that Shawn located on the GPS, so we found our way to the center of town and explored Powell’s Books, which is an enormous, city block sized book store.  It is really awesome.  

We then located Voodoo Doughnuts, which is an equally wondrous and calorically superior donut shop.  Shawn ponied up 3.95 to take the Tex-Ass challenge: To consume a gargantuan, six-donuts-big donut in 80 seconds.

Gone in 80 seconds?

Gone in 80 seconds?

Shawn came out guns blazing.  He was able to divide the donut into pieces and dip it in water before the timer started, and he finished the first half in excellent time.  But then his mouth got full of donut, and he had a rough time.  His time ran out, but he finished the donut over the course of the night.  Love of the game.

I ate a peanut butter oreo donut.  It was delicious and only the size of a single donut.  Victory, Gondelman.

A more reasonable late night snack.

A more reasonable late night snack.

Today we explore Portland, and then we’re off to Seattle for probably two shows tonight!  (Laughs in Kirkland at 8ish, and Pegasus Pizza down the street at 9ish.)   Later on!


One Response to “Fresh Like a Box of Krispy Kremes. Kenny Roger’s “Gambler” is my gamblin’ theme.”

  1. daniella March 25, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    That’s so awesome! I just saw Voodoo Doughnuts on Man vs. Food about a week or two ago. Neato!

    BTW – your posting headline from yesterday has me craving an In-N-Out double-double with cheese BIG TIME!

    Travel safely fellas, and we’ll see you soon! 🙂

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