Leaving the Land of In-N-Out Burger

24 Mar

Monday was our last full day in San Francisco, and it was lots of fun.  Since we were technically staying in San Rafael with longtime friend Dan, his lady friend Krista, and their (wildly personable) bunny, we got a late-ish start on the day, which was nice.  Pretty much the best feeling is getting to go to sleep where you woke up that morning.  Assuming you didn’t wake up on the street or in an ER.  

In any case, we got up at our convenience and headed over to the Muir Woods.  From far away, it looked like a forest of normal garden-variety (assuming you grow a tree garden) pine trees.  But when we got closer, we could see that they were actually enormous and majestic redwood trees.  Sequoia is another name for them, which is Latin for “tree whose name uses all of the vowels.”  The woods were beautiful and peaceful, and we took a two mile walk within them…and then ate ice cream!  

Post-ice cream, we headed into the city to check out Golden Gate Park.  Many things had closed for the day, but we got to wander the grounds and see the rose garden (not yet all the way in bloom) and several other interesting trees/shrubs.  Also, the Golden Gate Bridge was toll free for us since we were carpooling during drive time.  Take notes, city of Boston.

We had a show at Club Deluxe, and lots of friends came out.  The show was long, but the crowd hung in, and it was a good time.  We met lots of great and friendly SF comics, and success and excitement were shared by all.  Huzzah.

Palo colorado.  (Spanish for redwood.)

Palo colorado. (Spanish for redwood.)

  • The Yellow Rose of California.  (Not previously a saying.)

    The Yellow Rose of California. (Not previously a saying.)

    Unidentifiable knobby trees!

    Unidentifiable knobby trees!

    Dan's adorable foster bunny.

    Dan's adorable foster bunny.




North to Portland!  Hooray!

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