Land of the Stars

21 Mar

Yesterday was a day of two adventures!

First, Sarah, Shawn, Nicole, and I met up with new favorite scientist Kevin Hainline for a tour of his self-constructed museum and a planetarium show.  We learned about galaxies and constellations.  Stuff like Pleadies and “The Last Dying Breath of a Pile of Corpses.”  We learned about the ecliptic and white dwarves and black holes.  And, most importantly, we learned that Pluto isn’t a planet.  It’s a dwarf planet.  Except in Illinois, where they declared it still a planet.  

Then a three hour drive to Bakersfield where we settled in and got geared up for a Bakersfield Condors hockey game.  It was pretty awesome.  Nicole’s brother Donny plays for the team, and he had an assist, and was awarded the hit of the game (for totally decking one of the Utah Grizzlies), and then was named one of the three Stars of the Game by the announcers.  It was awesome!  Hockey is so much better live.  Final score: Condors 4    Grizzlies 1.  Victory!

Late night dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse (no roundhouse kicks, which I expect out of a place called Roadhouse).  Salad again.  Yes!  So mega healthy.  

Tonight on to San Francisco to perform at “Things We Made” at the Darkroom Theater at 10pm.  Wheeee!  

(As per lately, pictures soon.  For real.)


2 Responses to “Land of the Stars”

  1. jono March 25, 2009 at 6:45 pm #

    quick correction josh. pluto is still a planet in illinois AND new mexico, as declared by their respective state legislatures. pluto was discovered in new mexico i think, but i do not know the secret relationship pluto has with illinois. though it is probably sordid.

  2. gondelman March 25, 2009 at 7:00 pm #


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