Another Great (and Secret) Day

20 Mar

Okay Gang…here goes!

Yesterday was high on excellence and low on ridiculousness.  I got up in the morning to pick Sarah (my girlfriend) up from the airport.  Traffic was present but not horrifying.  It was really terrific to see her!  And she’s here for 4 more days!  Wheee!  

We went back to Sarah’s (not my girlfriend) house and picked up Shawn, and the three of us took a long meandering walk down to the 826 center in Echo Park, which is also known as the Echo Park Time Travel Mart.  

There is a whimsical time-travel themed novelty store there as well as a legitimately cool book store.  I picked up a book called Guji Guji for my students.  It’s about a crocodile who thinks he is a duck.  Adorable!  There is a patio for outdoor reading.

Then Shawn split off with Nicole (his girlfriend) and met up with Tom and Al (not his girlfriend) to do for touristy things (Mann’s Chinese Theater, Beverly Hills).  Sarah and I bought a baseball cap to shield my large pale forehead from the sun, and then we made dinner for Sarah and her boyfriend Kevin. So many vegetables.  I may well live to see the end of this trip!  (In-N-Out Burger today, though, so no promises.)

Last night was the Great and Secret Show West with the Walsh Brothers.  Now although this is ostensibly a comedy/travel blog, it’s been light on the comedy writing.  Partly is because the other adventures have been so exciting, and partly because I haven’t wanted to come off like a complainer in certain rooms and a fanboy in others.  But here’s the truth: Chris Walsh, David Walsh, and James Patterson have a really terrific thing going.  Their show had an amazing vibe, from the jazz music at the beginning (Kyle and the Craniacs) to the inventive sketches and characters, to the support for the comics doing standup on the show.  It was a really amazing night to reunite with some former and current Boston comics in Los Angeles.  Seriously, if  you live in LA, go to this show all the time.  9pm.  The Comedy Lab.  Next to the Improv on Melrose.  No cover.  No drink minimum.

Today means a planetarium, a hamburger, and a hockey game!  
Whooooooo, doggie!


(Camera temporarily unwilling to share pictures.  But soon, friends, soon.)


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