A Day of Relative Fitness

19 Mar

In an effort to stave off the corrosion of our arteries and atrophy of our muscles, Shawn and I enlisted Misha to take us to a basketball court for some exercise.  We played for about an hour, and I narrowly missed getting a sunburn.  Hooray, skin!  We then showered up and went out to Lucha Libre, a luchador-themed burrito joint.  It was pretty amazing.  There was even a VIP booth with goblets and gold ropes.  The Surf and Turf Burrito was also terrific.

We then moseyed on to the Los Angeles area, where we met Shawn’s Boston roommates Tom and Alvin in Santa Monica.  I swung a giant hammer!  Al and Chris Walsh rode a roller coaster!  We walked down to Venice Beach, which was another step towards keeping morbid obesity at bay.  Huzzah!

From there, we headed over to Silverlake to meet up with Los Angeles host Sarah Brin.  Her home and roommates were both delightful.  We stayed there a very short time before we had to break out for Cuba Libre to see Maria Bamford’s show “What’s Up, Tiger Lily?”  The comics were all good, but the show lasted a million billion hours.  Shawn was disappointed that there were no pugs.  

Tonight we’re performing at the Great and Secret Comedy Show at the Comedy Lab!  Free Show!  9PM!  Come if you are in the area!

Also, today Sarah comes to Los Angeles!  Hooray!!!

(as usual, pictures forthcoming)


One Response to “A Day of Relative Fitness”

  1. s. brin March 19, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

    Yeah! You’re probably in my house RIGHT NOW. Text or email if you need breakfast/fun recs.

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