Hoop Dreams. Cupcake Realities.

16 Mar

Yesterday was the last full day in Austin.  My camera battery died half way through, so I will have to paint some pictures with words.  Get ready for art, blog readers, for my brush strokes will be masterful and vivid.

First things first: 
Shawn, Daniel and I went to get some breakfast.  We headed downtown to a place called “Counter Cafe” which gave me and Shawn flashbacks to the abysmal beating we took onstage at the Corner Cafe in Pittsburgh.  There were no tables, and also no jazz music (which is not unreasonable, but we were led to believe there would be jazz music).  We ventured down the street to Austin Java, where we found both a table and a jazz band.  They’re no Infinite Ensemble , but they were fun.  I ate a baked potato omelette, which was a pretty amazing idea (not my idea to eat it, but rather the cafe’s idea to offer it).  It was full of potato, sour cream, green onions, and bacon.  Wowzaz!  

We headed back to Daniel and Corinna’s house to do laundry and regroup.  I only mention laundry because my mom reads this blog, and she’ll keep asking me about laundry otherwise.  Yes.  I also sorted my thick heavy sweatshirt out from my other clothes.  

Also, I got an oil change/radiator flush, which took about a half an hour, marking the longest waking period Shawn and I have spent apart in a week.  The loneliness was devastating.

We had intended to have a low-key afternoon of hoop-shooting, because if we didn’t do something active yesterday, our bodies would have atrophied into gelatinous masses of Waffle House hash browns and bbq beef.  But, just as we were about to head out for the courts, we were invited to a Cupcake Festival!  So…fitness postponed.

We ate some delicious cupcakes (I had one Whiskey/Chocolate Ganache and one with Pumpkin Mousse, and Shawn had a Peanut Butter/Banana one.) and then we rounded up a crew of friendquaintances for a hard 20 minutes of ballin’ before we had to be at Cap City for the Sunday night open mic.

The show was fun, and we both got to work out some new jokes we had written in the car.  We met a bunch more cool comics and went to a karaoke bar with them.  

Today is our final Waffle House for a while, and our first leg of the drive to San Diego.  Adventure!  Excitement!   

(Cupcake photos forthcoming when the camera battery reaches full strength.)


2 Responses to “Hoop Dreams. Cupcake Realities.”

  1. s. brin March 16, 2009 at 3:23 pm #

    CUPCAKE FESTIVAL? photos please.

  2. s. brin March 16, 2009 at 3:26 pm #

    oh, the reason i was originally commenting was because i wanted you to make sure you knew how far bakersfield is from l.a. (2 hours). however, it IS only 4.5 hours from SF. so, the more you know (rainbow, stars, etc.)!

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