Day One: The Saga Begins

9 Mar

Hey Folks,

Day one was filled with adventure and excitement.  We packed up the Corolla with all the essentials (muffins, one 30 pound dumbbell, clothes, blankets, crossword puzzle books, and misguided enthusiasm, etc.) and headed from Everett, MA, to Philadelphia, PA.  

On our way, we saw some amazing things by the side of the road.  Such as a guy dancing to no music, and what appeared to be two adults fighting over a baby.  We recorded a lot of video for posterity, but it was mostly us talking about not liking Hartford.  We also so lots of hawks and hypothesized about the skills required for falconry, and ways to make it more exciting, falconry that is.

In New Jersey, we spent a long time waiting to get gas, and I bought a post card of the Twin Towers.  So, awesome?

We arrived in Philly and had cheese steaks with friends Xela and Kate.  I got provalone on mine, but Shawn opted for the more traditional Cheez Whiz.  He even helpfully explained Cheez Whiz to some German tourists who responded: “That is not cheese!”  They were not wrong.


Shawn enjoying a cheesesteak with "wiz."

Shawn enjoying a cheesesteak with "wiz."



We did a show tonight at the Walking Fish Theater.  Philadelphia comic Chip Chantry hosted, and we performed with Greg Gethard, Ryan [Something], Blake Wexler, and Pat House.  It was a great time in a tiny black box theater.  The audience marveled at the true story of Benefoot, and I got to get a picture with a teddy bear on stage to send to my preschool kids.


Hey, kids!

Hey, kids!




The Philly comics taught us about this website:

It is a resource for butlers to get in touch with other butlers!

Fun fact, Philadelphia has more murals per capita than any US city!

Good night,


2 Responses to “Day One: The Saga Begins”

  1. Tom misses the boys already. March 9, 2009 at 5:21 am #

    I’m gonna read your blog every day, so keep the news coming. I’ll see you soon.

    Alvin and I have sore balls. We have ejaculated on everything in your room.
    P.S.- Your girlfriend is in your room.

  2. s. brin March 10, 2009 at 4:46 am #

    josh, are you going to do something adorable like take a picture of the bear in every city you go to, and then include some geographical tidbit about every locale for your kindergarten class? either i have made a very clever inference, or you have told me about this plan already, possibly even several times. what’s important is that i have no recollection of any of the aforementioned scenarios and that these kindegarteners are going to get their m-fing light-up sneakers blown off along with their socks.

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