The Other Side of the Story

9 Mar

Through a little bit of miscommunication, Shawn’s half of the Tour interview never made it to the internets.  Here it is, in unedited format!

How did you decide to do a national tour together?

 – Josh had the idea kicking around in his head and he was looking for someone unstable enough to drop everything for a month and hit the road.  I was looking for a reason to quit my job and hunt Bigfoot.  Perfect match.

Have either of you done extensive road work in the past?

 – We once did a show at West Point Military Academy together.  That’s as far as I’ve been for comedy.

How did you book the places you’re going to?

 – Josh is sociable and people like him.  I don’t know how to really communicate with people.  So Josh did most of the booking.

What is your mode of transportation?

 – Josh’s car.  Thank Bigfoot.  My car is on it’s last legs.  Too many potholes in Everett.

What venues/cities are you most excited to play?

 – I’m excited for anything that’s not Massachusetts.  I’m most excited for Mississippi because I really want to go on a gambling boat.  I hear Austin is cool.  And of course the Pacific Northwest is prime Sasquatch country.

What do you think you might learn from playing these other cities?

 – It’s really going to be a coming of age story of two friends on the road learning about life and growing spiritually through many misadventures and near lynchings.  Also I’ll probably master Sudoku.

Will you be trying to pick up shows as you go along, in addition to what you already have booked?

 – I would love to do as many show as possible in as many random places as possible.  Anywhere that’s a saloon I’m all for.

What will be your first official gig back in Boston after the tour?

 – Friday the 10th of April, I will be at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square.  Hopefully I’ll have some good stories from the road that won’t make Rick punch a wall.

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