SHA! (Some Helpful Abbreviations)

8 Mar

I imagine that many of you reading (both of you reading?) may not always have time to read longwinded and rambly anecdotes. So I have devised several statistics that you can get the gist of the trip at a glance. So when you see these abbreviations later on in the blog, you will know what they mean.

MT: Miles traveled. (Or Montana. Context clues, people.)
TMT: Total miles traveled. (Or dymomite!)
BS: Bigfoots sighted. Not bullshit!
BC: Bigfoots captured. (Before or after the death of Christ.)
TAAAC: Times AAA Has Been Called
LBJ: Pounds (lbs.) of Beef Jerky Consumed
$$$: Dollars earned (or lost) riverboat gambling (Absolute value.).


One Response to “SHA! (Some Helpful Abbreviations)”

  1. doublenegative March 8, 2009 at 3:36 pm #

    Can LBJ also stand for “Lyndon B. Johnson captured”? Maybe you could bag him and Bigfoot in one fell swoop.

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